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Indian Intro: Mint Leaf Brickell

2 Jun

For the past several months, I’ve walked past a myriad of store fronts along S. Miami, Brickell and 1st Ave that have gone from this to that and that to this (I mean, honestly, can any of these bitches stay in biz?). Finally things are starting to settle down, and my first stop on the list of must-tries is Indian Brasserie Mint Leaf. The new Brickell outpost of the Coral Gables’ staple was the perfect spot for mi amiga and I’s early dinner (I mean, literally, we were pushing early bird special) just a few weeks ago.

Mint Leaf Brickell

Lasooni Jhinga

This BrickGal has never gone Indian (in more ways than one), so I had no idea what I was in for.  After choosing a bottle of wine (uh duh, how else does the perfect meal start?), our waiter recommended we start with the Lasooni Jhinga.  The Lasooni what?  It sounded like a character in Goonies 2: The Reunion.  In actuality, it was a dish of king prawns cooked in the tandoor (aka fancy name for an oven) that had a very tasty garlicy sauce (glad I wasn’t out with a BrickGuy that night).  The small portion size (6 prawns) for $17 makes me suggest you go without it.

Mint Leaf Brickell

The Best Almond and Coconut Sauce Ever

After we quickly gobbled up the prawns, we received our entrees - Murg Jalfrezi (chicken with peppers and onions) for Spanish Hips and Macchili Korma (mahi cooked in an almond and coconut sauce that was to die for) por moi.  Unfortunately, the paleo diet I’m currently kickin’ it with prohibited me from gettin’ with any of the side dishes as the restaurant – bread, rice, yoghurt, etc.  I did however thoroughly enjoy (and I’m not even joking) the Kachumbar Salad - Onion, tomato and cucumber salad with a lemon and chili dressing.  I vow to go back and get the salad for lunch. Delish!

Mint Leaf Brickell

Murg Jalfrezi

We didn’t hit up dessert at this point because we were both bringing home something for lunch the following day.  Our bill was pretty steep running around $75 a person (tax and tip included), but it was worth it being able to use that almond and coconut sauce to smoother my Paleo veggies for the rest of the week.

Overall, the food was great.  The price not so much.  The young host and servers? Could go either way depending on the level of cougar you’re feeling that night.

** Note to BrickGals, have your BrickGuy take you (and obs pick up the check) and slip one of those youngbucks your digits post-meal.

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